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Pro-flight Simulator 


The latest flight simulation game on the market can hardly be called a game at all. Pro-Flight simulator was designed from the ground up to be a realistic flight simulation which can actually be used to begin flight training for new pilots. There are dozens of great features in this flight simulator that make it stand out from the crowd of other flight sims which don’t have the look and feel of real flying. Whether you’re a pilot in real life or just have always dreamed of flying, this is the flight simulator for you.  

With any flight simulator the first place to look is at the aircraft which you get to fly. In Pro-Flight simulator you don’t just get a few options, you get over 120 aircraft! Everything from the original 1903 wright brother’s plane which started everything to the latest military fighter jets. You can even choose to fly helicopters, commercial airliners or just about anything you can imagine. This flight simulator doesn’t just change the look of the aircraft without changing the controls either. When you pick the plane you want to fly, everything from the controls to the way it responds is custom to that plane.

If that weren’t enough, pro-flight simulator also has actual real world terrain and views to make the simulator that much more realistic. Everything from the aircraft reactions to things like wind, storms and other things to the actual planetary alignments are based on what actual pilots see and respond to on a daily basis. Countless hours of research and data analysis have gone into this flight simulator to make sure it is the most accurate one on the market.

When you’re getting ready for a takeoff or landing, you’ll appreciate the great detail which went into recreating over 20,000 real airports! Everything from the surrounding city to the landscaping of the airport is what you’ll actually see if you visit these locations in the world. When taking off from O’Hair airport in Chicago you can see the busy roads with cars on them, and the city lights actually effect how good your visibility is during a takeoff or landing. This makes flying out of a busy city airport much different than a small rural one, just like real life!

As if that weren’t enough, Pro-Flight simulator includes hundreds of the world’s major landmarks so you can set off on a flight to Paris to see the Eiffel tower or to Egypt to see the pyramids. Anything you’ve ever dreamed of seeing, you can take a flight to that location and fly by to take a look.

While all this is impressive, there’s still more! Of course the world is constantly changing so some people might be concerned that this simulator will quickly get out of date but that’s not the case! Pro-Flight simulator comes with lifetime updates to everything from the planes to the terrain. If a new landmark goes up, it will be in the simulator in no time. The programmers with this simulator work closely with NASA and other large groups to make sure they have the most up to date information in this amazing flight simulator.

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