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If you want to play flight simulator, you are probably wondering where you should go to get one because there are so many different choices.  All you have to do is decide between these three options and making the right choice will be a breeze.

Option One:


Your first choice for getting to play flight simulator is to go online and find a game to either play directly online or download onto your computer. This is a really good option because you have access to a huge variety of flight simulators of many different types. You can get everything from historical flight simulators with all of your favorite planes, or you can blow space aliens away in your brand new spaceship.

When looking online to play flight simulator, you can choose between a variety of ways to play.  You can either go for free to play games which are usually simpler but still can be a lot of fun.  You can also purchase and download a game, which will be much more detailed in terms of both the graphics and the actual simulation.

Option Two:

Another really good choice to play flight simulator is to go into your local gaming store to see their selection and pick something out.  There are a lot of benefits to doing this, although there are some downsides to it as well.  Whether or not it is worth it really depends on how you like getting your games and what tends to give you the best results.

If you go into a store, you can see a selection of the latest and greatest games that were already picked out of the thousands that are available.  This narrows down your field a lot.  Also, you can talk to the people who work at the store, or other customers, and get real opinions from fellow gamers who you can trust.

Option Three:

Your final option to play flight simulator is to go old school and hit up an arcade.  Some of the most enjoyable flight simulator experiences you can have are in one of the big machines at arcades which let you sit in the pilot’s seat and actually feel like you are flying the plane.  This option is really great, but also has its downsides as well.  One of the biggest of which is just the shear cost of constantly plugging quarters into the machine which can really add up over time.

Another problem when you want to play flight simulator at an arcade is that you may end up waiting a long time for the machine to be free.  You also will only be able to play during the times when the arcade is open rather than whenever you want, and you have to actually go down to the arcade.


Getting to play flight simulator is a lot of fun, and finding the right simulator for you can make it even better.  If you try out all three of these options, then it will greatly increase your odds of finding one. Or simply Click Here for the best option