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  Is It A Game Or Are You Really Flying?


You've probably seen dozens of flight sim software packages over the years and they're all the same.  You have a few planes to choose from, but they all look bland and two-dimensional.  You have your choice of weather conditions, and landing strips, but again, it's obvious you're just playing a game and there's really no challenge involved.  Until now, that is.  ProFlight Simulator takes gaming to a whole new level. 


Even professional pilots are amazed at the features they find when they take their first run-through on ProFlight Sim.  The graphics and effects, the controls and the planes, are so realistic you feel like you're really flying a plane.  In fact, it's so realistic you really can use it for flight training.  Let's take a look at some of the features:



The Planes:  You have more than 120 planes to choose from, ranging from the Wright Brother's plane to Top Secret, state-of-the-art military planes.  And these aren't cartoon planes like you'll see with those other flight simulators.  These planes are the real McCoy.


The Airports:  Choose from more than 20,000 airports located all over the world.  The actual Google Maps visuals from each of these airports have been incorporated into the game.  And if 20,000 isn't enough, you can even create your own.  And while you're mapping your route, don't forget to fly over your own house, because you WILL be able to see it!


Real-Time or Control-Your-Own Weather:  The software picks up the date and time stamp from your computer and uses it to get the time and weather conditions for any route you choose, no matter where you take off or land from.  Day/night automatically adjusts, the moon and stars come out, if it's snowing in real life then it snows in the game.  Don't want to land in a blizzard?  You can easily program your preferred weather.


Realistic Lighting:  You'll love night flying with ProFlight Sim.  You can see the lights of cities down below, runway lighting and even see the lights from cars traveling on the highways.  Again, it's all tracked with Google Maps.


Realistic Controls:  The cockpit view is all in 3D, which, in itself, is an amazing feat.  But ProFlight is so advanced you can practice re-fueling in mid-air, land on an aircraft carrier and even simulate emergency situations.


Multi-player Capability:  Now you can fly flight plans and formations with other players from all over the world and track each other on-screen, thanks to the Google Maps tie-in. 


Ask any pilot and he'll tell you there's never been anything that even comes close to ProFlight Simulation.  You're not just playing a game, you're not just simulating a flight.  You're realistically controlling every button, every switch and every aspect of your flight.